Welcome Home

Welcome Home

In 2015, me and my best friend (for more than 20 years) came to Iceland to spend a summer up north. We had been dreaming about moving abroad for as long as we can remember but we didn't go on that trip specific trip with any other intention than to see how it would actually feel to live the life of an expat. We stayed, for good. Got married to two locals, bought homes and found happiness. The kind of happiness you only find when you overcome your fears and follow your heart, whatever it may seek. I want to share that happiness with you and help you find yours.


Dear Heima is my ode to life, to Iceland, to nature, to all days spent in the wilderness, to good food, to personal development, to chasing your dreams, to nurturing mind, body, and soul. I cover my love for Iceland, share insider spots and knowledge, tell you about my personal journey, how I found my path and started living my dreams. I take you with me while hiking and camping, share my favorite recipes (that are all vegan, sugar- and gluten-free) and talk everything self-growth. I have big plans for my future, still. Like getting a van, moving into a cabin, learning how to surf, start climbing, again, grow my own fruits and veggies and just overall grow closer and closer to this amazing planet and the Far North.


I try to live, eat and consume consciously. I believe in slow living, in soulmates, in endless possibilities, in the power of greens and positivity, in finding your own path, empowerment, honesty and well, love, I guess. This is a website for those wild at heart who want to live their life to the fullest, fearlessly and happily, forever nourish their minds, souls, and bodies. Those believing that all you need for an amazing life is best found outdoors.


Reykjanes Peninsula

My Favourite Products

My Favourite Products

This is my COW section or in a less fancy term ‘what I am currently obsessed with’. Click on the images below to be taken to the purchase page. It’s frequently updated whenever I see that one of my most loved items is sold out or I have another piece that I absolutely want to share with you. All of what you see are things I own, read, use frequently and am completely convinced of. In rare cases, it might also be something from my personal wish-list.

What will you find on Dear Heima?

What will you find on Dear Heima?

I have been passionate about camping, the great outdoors and weekend adventures for as long as I can remember. My love for Iceland is ever-growing since 2012, so is my interest in psychology, self-growth and all topics related - just my obsession with real food is a fairly recent discovery. I suffered from chronic gastritis and other annoying stomach issues for almost all my life. The fact that I could so easily cure myself (and get amazing skin on the way) by simply choosing the right food and cutting out sugar still blows my mind… Since adopting my two cats my appetite for meat (which I never really had, in the first place) grew smaller and smaller. So becoming a vegan nutritionist was a choice out of love, personal interest, and the hope to be able to help others adjust to a healthier and environmentally friendlier diet.

This blog is for all you like-minded women and everyone else in love with Iceland, nature, and a healthy lifestyle. I cover hiking routes and amazing places to camp. I introduce you to my most loved places and spaces, tell you all about my expat life, the language barrier, the culture and mindset of the Icelanders and what it actually feels like to live so far away from family and friends.

I also write about how to quit sugar (and why to do it), about living vegan and gluten-free, how to meal prep, budget and way more. You can find recipes, my favorite (natural) cosmetics brands and lots of personal stories and tips on how to overcome your fears and dream even bigger.

I want you to be able to enjoy Iceland to the fullest, to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest, LIFE to the fullest. To feel healthy, confident and overjoyed. Come hang out with me, virtually and maybe even in real life. Let’s hike, camp, cook, dine, discuss, dream and explore the world together. <3

See you soon, out there in the wilderness!

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Dear Heima

Dear Heima