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My favorite (natural) cosmetics brands, recipes for outdoor cooking & yummy snacks and personal stories and tips on how to overcome your fears and dream even bigger.

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Peer pressure of perfection and how to finally get rid of it.

Photographed in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland Why is it that so many of us seem to have forgotten how living actually works? So many of our generation spend their days searching for nonstop and complete happiness. In books, in conversations, by constantly reminding ourselves what to be happy about, thankful for. We are so busy writing lists of…

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Moving apart and making plans – a personal update

So we moved apart. Not just into two different apartments but also two different parts of the south western island. While Einar and I are already done moving, Caro and Logi are still waiting for their newly bought home to be free, with their moving date being around first of July.

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Passion made possible – chase your dreams, follow your heart

We think there is something burning in every one of us. A yearning, a knowledge. It might be traveling, it might be a certain place, it might lie in raising kids or helping others. It might be something you haven’t seen or done, yet. But we truly and honestly believe that if you find what drives you you will find your way. It’s like that with so many things in life – if you don’t at least try, if you don’t set foot on uncommon ground, you never know.


The importance of dreaming BIG

What would you do if everything was possible/who would you be if you could be anyone? We all asked ourselves those questions a few times in our lives by now, right? And we most likely heard people say ‘you shouldn’t think about that ‘cause it makes you unhappy, makes you feel like your own life is not good enough’ just as often. I claim the opposite. I dare to say: go for it! Dreaming is such an amazing thing as is opens your mind, gives you a certain kind of freedom, keeps your fantasy alive and most importantly: it makes you happier – at least that’s what I experienced.

Dear Heima

Dear Heima