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Here, you'll find all things Iceland related - general travel information like how to see the Northern Lights, rent a car,

travel Iceland on a budget, a hot pot guide, a camping guide, and our overall travel guide - most likely the most extensive one you'll ever see.

Furthermore, I share all my expat stories, share my favorite hiking spots and SO MUCH more.

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Roads of Iceland

Roads of Iceland I truly have a thing for Iceland's empty roads. Whenever we are out on those winding, seemingly endless dirt roads, I have to snap pictures. No matter the weather and light, the streets seem to call on you to go on a new adventure. Nothing ever beats...
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My life as an expat in Iceland – the (not so ugly) truth

Jan 13, 2019 Photographed all over An honest insight into what living an expat life in Iceland really is like. As I am writing this, there is yet another storm raging on the peninsula. The clouds are hanging low, so low in fact, that they meet with the...
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Dressing up for Icelandic weather conditions with Bergans of Norway.

Aug 19, 2018 Photographed all over Outdoor clothing Guide Iceland - how to perfectly dress for Icelandic wilderness. "An adventure (lat.: adventura: „event“ or "incidence") is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking", says Wikipedia. It's about leaving your familiar environment, settings and/or social...

Iceland outdoor activities – what to do in Summer / Winter and in between.

Jul 20, 2018 Photographed all over What to do in Iceland during… ...the winter half of the year (late October to late April). In late October, early November, the darker and colder half of the year is about to begin here in Iceland. The temperatures will drop to...
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Iceland on a budget – 8 insider tips on saving serious money

Jul 13, 2018 Photographed in Iceland Iceland is one of the most expensive countries to visit - luckily we have some tips on how to save some serious money during your trip. No matter if it comes to food or accommodation - the land of fire and ice...
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Wild camping Iceland: Rules, Regulations, overall tips and how to save money

Jun 26, 2018 Photographed all over Wild camping Iceland: what you need to know and keep in mind. Some things don't have to make sense or come with a deeper meaning. They don't have to be for everyone, and nobody but you has to understand them – all...
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Renting a car in Iceland – Insurances needed, cost in general, overall tips

Jun 26, 2018 Photographed in Iceland A complete guide on renting a car in Iceland and staying safe in the land of fire and ice. We always suggest pre-booking when renting a car in Iceland and to do so two to four months in advance – especially when...
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The most comprehensive Iceland travel guide you can possibly find.

Jun 20, 2018 Photographed all over Welcome to the land of elves and trolls, fire and ice, moss and steam. Over the past four years, we got so SO many emails, direct messages, and comments with questions about traveling Iceland that we just couldn't keep up with answering...
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Hot pots and hot springs of Iceland – must sees and no gos

Mar 9, 2018 Photographed all over There is nothing more soothing for body and soul than a warm bath surrounded by wilderness. A hot bath is the Icelanders best friend. We would definitely dare to claim so. More than 600 bathing spots are marked on the map of Iceland...
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