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Here you will find the best hiking routes, outdoor tips, amazing places to camp and road trips from all over the country. Of course, I share loads of insider knowledge, as well.


Iceland outdoor activities – what to do in Summer / Winter and in between.

Photographed all over What to do in Iceland during… …the winter half of the year (late October to late April). In late October, early November, the darker and colder half of the year is about to begin here in Iceland. The temperatures will drop to somewhere around zero (or below) and the hours of daylight…

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Hot pots and hot springs of Iceland – must sees and no gos

Photographed all over There is nothing more soothing for body and soul than a warm bath surrounded by wilderness. A hot bath is the Icelanders best friend. We would definitely dare to claim so. More than 600 bathing spots are marked on the map of Iceland by now and around 200 of those are natural hot…

Dear Heima

Dear Heima