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Dear Heima,

Your beauty lies in everything. In your wild rugged coastlines, your long summer nights and short winter days. In your arctic sky and ever chrashing waves. It lies in the little things like picking fresh blueberries, laughing until it hurts, laying back head on the grass, feeling the sun on your skin, watching the night sky, walking on ice, chasing rainbows. With you we found love, peace of mind and above all … HOME.

This is a magazine dedicated to all free spirits, adventurers and glitter enthusiasts.

Iceland Essentials: the perfect hiking boot for your adventure.

Ever so often, we get questions about what clothes to bring to Iceland. Which jackets would be best to protect against heavy rain, what to wear during the harsh and cold winter, or storm season. But above all and most reoccurring: what kind of shoes we would suggest. Well, of course that depends on the season. And on what exactly you have in mind for your Iceland trip. Hiking? Sightseeing? Exploring Reykjavik and dive into the rich culture and food scene? All of it? In winter, hiking is barely possible so we sincerely recommend thick padded boots with massive profile. In spring, summer and autumn we would suggest to bring at least two pair of boots, three if possible. High rain boots, light and waterproof hiking boots with a good profile and, if you want to blend in with the locals, some fancier shoes for dinners and theater. Icelanders dress up whenever they can so you will very obviously be detected as a tourist if you visit a chic restaurant in hiking boots and outdoor jacket (not that anyone would care, though!) If you are backpacking or only traveling with hand luggage and three pairs of shoes are not possible then definitely go for the light, comfortable and waterproof outdoor boot! Since we do get so many questions, we thought that today is a good day to recommend a perfect hiking boot: the TEVA Arrowood Lux Mid - the perfect blend of sneaker and outdoor shoe. Great breathability, light weighted, water and slip-resistent. Especially when hiking for a long time it's super important to have a boot that does not weight much and leaves you blister-free.

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Fuel your adventure with Herbalife.

We all are children of nature, wether we still feel it or not. The further you go back in time and history the more us humans were connected to our planet, to it's soul, soil, water and wildlife. We did not choose to roam free it was just who we were. We knew which plant cured which sicknesses, which bird made which sound and which berries and mushrooms were poisonous. We don't have to go back to the hunter-gather lifestyle to find those roots, again but we are convinced that life should be lived outside. That wilderness is our most natural habitat. That roaming free is our elemental state of being. The two of us, especially being so connected to and intertwined with Social Media, are glued to our phones, laptops and tablets for most of the day and week. And even though we absolutely and utterly love our job we would both only be half of a person if we wouldn't put all those devices away for at least once every day and head outside to clear our heads. Fresh air and a cold breeze make everything else so absolutely irrelevant, driving out of town on the weekend for a little road trip is what feeds our souls, what keeps our hearts pounding and our brains functioning. To connect with your surroundings gets more and more important since it seems we are growing into a society that completely loses touch with mother earth and the great outdoors. It's about time we reconnect. That doesn't necessarily mean to go on intense hikes, sleep under the stars or cross an entire country by bike it just means to be out there, to feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair and to set your feet on ground that isn't a busy street or a fancy coffeehouse rug but a pathway that leads through moss or forest or dunes or hills or something alike. Out there, not in here. Eyes on the horizon, not on the phone.

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Breakfast on the go with Herbalife.

We are taking eating habits and our health very seriously. We cook a lot, we buy fresh ingredients, we bake our own bread and we educate ourselves. We aren't vegan but we still eat a lot of soy, prefer oat milk over diary and opt for the veggie course whenever we eat out, vegan even, if available. We try to get rid of refined sugar and replace it with date syrup or ingredients alike. We sure love ice cream and we are suckers for a good cake, yet we think that you absolutely are what you eat. We find it a little funny how many people are highly suspicious when it comes to nutritional shakes or food supplements in general but feel like it's no big deal to head out to KFC and other fast food chains where you basically eat what they scraped off of the floors. Balance truly is key to a healthy lifestyle and that means eating at least three times a day, drinking a lot of water and try to opt for fresh fruits, veggies, quit on sugar and go for walks, daily if possible. We live in a time of change. Where we keep our lives organized with cellphone apps, where artificial intelligence gets more and more integrated into well, basically everything and where we have smart solutions and options for whatever you can think of. Smart light, smart electrical devices and an Alexa that turns our music on and reminds us when to take the bread out of the oven. We feel it's weird how many people still make a fuzz about food supplements even though at least every third person struggles with having normal eating habits.

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How beautiful it truly is that we exist - Adventure is out there.

Adventure is out there. It's in exploring places you haven't been to, yet and in finding new beauty at those you've visited a hundred times. It's in smiling at a stranger and getting an honest smile back. It's in the miracle of being pregnant and giving birth to a new human. It's in moving into your first own apartment or settling down in the one you consider to be your forever home. It's in a new love or in falling in love with the same person over and over again. It's in shielding your eyes from bright sunlight, in dancing snowflakes, in the first sip of freshly brewed coffee every single morning. It's in the little things and in the great challenges. It's in new discoveries and beloved old habits. It's in friends and family, it's in laughing, it's in every single day and every breath you take. It's in the fact that our brains are wired in a complexity we can hardly understand. It's in the fact that music makes the brightest day even brighter and gloomy weather beautifully melancholic. It's in the fact that we are able to dance. It's in every single day. Take our daily walk for example. It's the exact same round, day in and out. The only change is between going clockwise or counter-clockwise. Other than that you could say it's forever the same old, same old. Except it's not. The sky ALWAYS looks different. Sometimes it's low tide, sometimes high. Sometimes the ocean is completely smooth, sometimes the waves crash violently against the shore and massive tubes roll over the the sea.

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Into the Wilderness // Enamel Adventure Mugs

So ein großer Traum und so eine kleine Tasse. Mehr als ein halbes Jahr Arbeit ist in die weiß-rosa 'Adventure Mug' geflossen, die wir uns schon seit gefühlten Ewigkeiten wünschen und nirgendwo finden konnten. Also haben wir irgendwann beschlossen: dann bringen wir sie eben selbst auf den Markt. Nun steht eine erste kleine Auflage zum Versand bereit und zwei der Stücke jeden morgen pünktlich um 8:00Uhr mit heißem Milchkaffee gefüllt in unserem Office. Sie sind unser persönlicher Reminder, dass man fast alles schaffen und in die Tat umsetzen kann, was man sich vornimmt. 'In die Wildnis' war einst unser liebster Ausspruch aus 'Der Herr der Ringe' und ist über die letzten 15 Jahre zu einem unserer Lebensmottos geworden. Er steht dafür, sich zu wagen, die Natur zu lieben, das Leben zu schätzen und niemals auf der Stelle zu treten. Wir haben erstmal nur eine ganz kleine Auflage produzieren lassen, für uns und all jene, die zufällig auch eine Schwäche für Kaffee, die beliebten 'Gentlemen's Hardware' Tassen und die Farbe Rosa haben. So ein Prozess hat es ganz schön in sich und wir sind durch so einige Instanzen gegangen und haben die ein oder andere Hürde nehmen müssen, bevor unser Traum-Tässchen vor uns stand. Idee, Design, Vektorgrafik, dann eine Produktionsstätte finden, Mockup erstellen, Gewerbe erweitern, in Vorklasse gehen, den Versand regeln und noch so viel mehr… aber wir haben uns durchgewühlt und hier stehen sie nun - genau so, wie wir sie im Kopf hatten.

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#adventureinspired // Herz.Schlag.Atem.Zug.

“Als Abenteuer (lat.: adventura: „Ereignis“) wird eine risikoreiche Unternehmung oder auch ein Erlebnis bezeichnet, das sich stark vom Alltag unterscheidet. Es geht um das Verlassen des gewohnten Umfeldes und des sozialen Netzwerkes, um etwas Wagnishaltiges zu unternehmen, das interessant, faszinierend oder auch gefährlich zu sein verspricht und bei dem der Ausgang ungewiss ist. In diesem Sinne gelten und galten Expeditionen ins Unbekannte zu allen Zeiten als Abenteuer.” so sagt Wikipedia. Den Kopf in den Wind gereckt, die Stirn prickelnd von der eisigen Kälte, taube Finger und trotz allem ein Herz zum Bersten gefüllt mit Zufriedenheit. Ein Abenteuer hat viel mit Loslassen zu tun, mit über Bord werfen, mit einer immerwährenden Suche.

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