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The Road Trip Tapes, Iceland Edition: Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland The Road trip Tapes, Iceland Edition. Icelandic winters are magical. Intense colors, masses of snow, strong winds and empty roads dominate the landscape and view. To me, nothing fits the dark, cold winter days better than calm voices, a lot of piano, some strings, and overall somewhat melancholic music. My Iceland...
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BC Mini Guide

British Columbia Itinerary Our personal tips for a perfect vacation in BC Where to go and what to do and see Canada is a dream destination. It makes you think of endless forests, crystal clear lakes, diverse wild life and impressive mountains. It is the perfect place for outdoor adventurers...
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Trondheim Travel Itinerary – how to spend 48 hours in Norway’s Trondheim

Aug 6, 2018 Photographed in Our short trip to Trondheim was kindly supported by the region of Trøndelag {Advertisement} The approach to Trondheim is THE worst we have ever had so far. One second we gently fly through a breathtaking sundown, the other the plane starts jiggling like...
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Three Peaks travel guide – your perfect stay in the Sextner Dolomites

Aug 3, 2018 Photographed at the and surroundings Kindly supported by the holiday region Three Peaks in the Sextner Dolomites. The mighty, mighty Dolomites. When we grew up, those rugged mountains and lush green valleys have been some sort of a second home for us. No matter if the Austrian or Italian...
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Iceland Mini Guide

Basic Information On Traveling Iceland Iceland Mini Travel Guide Everything you need to know for your trip to the land of fire and ice. Throughout this Iceland mini travel guide, we will provide you with an overview of all the basic information you might need for planning your trip to...
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Nelson Travel Itinerary – how to spend a perfect day (and night) in Nelson, BC

Jul 29, 2018 Photographed in (mainly) , BC Kindly supported by the province of British Columbia Good Morning John’, ‘Hi Barry – isn’t this the most perfect day?’ ‘Anna, great to see you. Feeling any better?’ Nelson, British Columbia, the colorful town filled with art, music, hippies, libertines...
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Morning Routine

Start Your Day Right 7 tips for a powerful start into work days It doesn’t have to be difficult to get up in the morning ... ... and be fit for a day at work Weekends are great! They give us the possibility to do whatever we feel like. To...
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Fernie Travel Itinerary – perfect 48 hours in the Kootenay Rockies

Jul 18, 2018 Photographed in and surrounding areas Kindly supported by the province of British Columbia We can’t actually say that there was one place that was more beautiful than the others on our trip through British Columbia, all of them had their charms. Still, we have to...
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Fav’ Camping Gear

Favorite Camping Gear for a perfect stay in the wilderness Everything you need for a weekend spend in nature We LOVE camping, always have, always will. It all started in our parent's backyards, and we're now sleeping under the stars of Iceland. In this mini guide we want to share...
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