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Dear Heima,

Your beauty lies in everything. In your wild rugged coastlines, your long summer nights and short winter days. In your arctic sky and ever chrashing waves. It lies in the little things like picking fresh blueberries, laughing until it hurts, laying back head on the grass, feeling the sun on your skin, watching the night sky, walking on ice, chasing rainbows. With you we found love, peace of mind and above all … HOME.

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#reinventmemories - building a bridge between our two homes with the HP Sprocket.

2238 kilometres or 1390 miles or 1208 nautical miles - that is the exact distance between Reykjavik and Hannover. The exact distance between us and our families. The walking distance would be around four million steps. 3.730.000 - look at that number. If you consider every kilometre a heartbeat then we are speaking of approximately 32 hours of heartbeats. Since there is no measure for the amount of how much you miss someone this is the best insight we can give into how hard it is sometimes. 2238. We never, not one day, regretted or doubted our decision to settle down north. No 3°C in spring, no hail, no storm, no limited selection of cheese (it can be a drag, though) and no lack of sunlight in winter had us ever question this move. But let’s face it - all of this doesn’t keep us from missing our families. Our loved ones. Our old homes. The places we grew up at. The memories we made. The hot summer days, the melon lemonades, the strawberries, the BBQs on the porch, the laughter. We miss it. We miss it a lot. Building a bridge between two countries isn’t as hard this day and age as it used to be. We talk on the phone at least once a week, we send cellphone pictures back and forth, we text, we communicate via email. We try to still share as much with each other as possible. A room tour video through the new home, the fresh flowers on the breakfast table, the blooming roses in the garden, the nieces riding their first little bikes, selfies taken on a hike or proof of the snow we’re having beginning of May. Since literally everyone in the family has a soft spot for Iceland we share as many pictures of the country we love so dearly, as we can. We zoom in to the icy crystals on the ground, film seabirds circling over the ocean, we try to capture the light in all it’s incredible variety - when the sun rises, sets and the golden hours in between. And yet, it of course is not the same as actually sharing the moment.

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Jump in at the deep end.

So we moved apart. Not just into two different apartments but also two different parts of the south western island. While Einar and I are already done moving, Caro and Logi are still waiting for their newly bought home to be free, with their moving date being around first of July. When they have left our old house and successfully moved into their new home a 20 minute drive will separate us. It's the first time after more than five years that we are not sharing an apartment. It broke my heart in the first place but after the several sleeps in my new home a certain understanding dawned up on me: this is actually gonna do a lot for our friendship. With us living together and working together the past few years our conversations slowly grew into 'nothing-but-work' talks and whenever we headed out for adventures we took the camera with us to take pictures for the website. Just now we realised how that actually stole real and honest friendship time. We want to go to cafés together, ride bicycles together, travel together, have our long chats and massive laughs - without work being any part of it. Just two friends that share dreams and hopes and plans for life, not projects to work on. We have always been radical in our decisions, moving apart is yet another one of them. We both need some time to reconnect with our creativity, to get out of the shallow waters of routine and jump back into the deep end of unlimited possibilities.

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Passion made possible. Chase your dreams, follow your heart.

We all are driven by something. Have a passion, a calling. We feel drawn to paintings, music, nature, sports, people or books. It's easy to find and difficult to live. For us, it all started with traveling. Our parents luckily felt and feel the same love for the world as we do and so for as long as we can remember we have been on journeys. Through Europe and the world. We consider ourselves very lucky that we had such privileges. That we were able to see what this planet has in store for us humans from our early years on. And we fell in love with all of it. The new places and spaces, the people, the always different smell in the air, the way the sunlight had a different color in all those corners of the world, the change in pace, the incredible range of languages, the beauty we got to witness in all four cardinal points, whenever we boarded a train, a plane or the family car to go somewhere new, somewhere exciting. Of course, you don't really consider it your passion when you are younger. It's just something your family does. Like all the other things you grow up with. When we got older we realized that traveling, like everything, of course had a price. One we couldn't really afford. So we dreamt ourselves to New Zealand and wandered the Californian coast in our hearts. We stood on rough cliffs of the arctic in our minds eyes and danced along white sand beaches in our conversations, instead. We traveled where we could afford to go to and worked hard to be able to visit a few places that had been in our dreams for so long - but it was never enough. Not enough to not see it all. It became our biggest dream to go abroad. To live someplace else. It was one of those dreams you hold dearly but never actually take as something that one day could be your reality.

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The importance of dreaming.

What would you do if everything was possible/who would you be if I could be anyone? We all asked ourselves those questions a few times in our lives, right? And we most likely heard people say 'you shouldn’t think about that ‘cause it makes you unhappy, makes you feel like your own life is not good enough' just as often. I claim the opposite. I dare to say: go for it! Dreaming is such an important thing as is opens your mind, gives you a certain kind of freedom, keeps your fantasy alive and most importantly: it makes you happier. - At least this is what I experienced. Reality can be harsh sometimes so why not go someplace else every now and then, jump into another life for a while and make it one hell of a trip? Even if the experience itself isn’t real your feelings very well are and isn’t that what life is all about? Feelings? I mean, what about that subconsciousness everyone is talking about? Which you can apparently influence so greatly and positively by thinking only positive thoughts. I read a lot of guides about getting rid of negative thinking because I had a phase when I got sucked into that spiral of negativity pretty bad. So I read and read and read and they basically all said the same: write down positive stuff and read it out to yourself every single day; if you notice you have a bad thought turn it into a positive one – so I did and it felt nothing but wrong and totally stupid. So I quit. The reading. The writing down notes. There had to be another way for me which is why I started looking for the reason I ended up on that one way road of unhappiness in the first place. I digged deep and concentrated on what was so different back when I was happier person. At some point it hit me: I stopped being happy when I stopped dreaming my life away.

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The peer pressure of perfection and how to get rid of it.

So many of our generation spend their days searching for nonstop and complete happiness. In books, in conversations, in constantly reminding ourselves what to be happy about, thankful for. We are so busy writing lists of what to appreciate that we totally miss out on just going out there and well, live. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad. The health, the sickness, the wealth, the shortness on money, the nature, the city, the active and the lazy days, the lonely ones and those filled with love. It all matters, it all is living. Not just the evenings when you can note down at least five things you have been grateful for today. Also the ones where you are angry or cry into your pillow. Living is changing the things you can change, not forever educating yourself on how to find the strength to do so but to execute your plans, bit by bit and step by step. Living also is coming to terms with the things you can't change. And you don't have to love every single second of it. You are allowed to despise parts of your job. Nobody can tell you not to have days where the mirror isn't your best friend. You can be annoyed, desperate, you can be all of it. You can be human. Weak and strong. Quiet and loud. We feel like the society we personally live in, the one with enough time and freedom to constantly overthink - it's a society consumed by the search for perfection. Perfect happiness, perfect health, perfect contentment, perfect relationships and that means not just with your partner, also with your friends and most importantly, with yourself.

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How beautiful it truly is that we exist - Adventure is out there.

Adventure is out there. It's in exploring places you haven't been to, yet and in finding new beauty at those you've visited a hundred times. It's in smiling at a stranger and getting an honest smile back. It's in the miracle of being pregnant and giving birth to a new human. It's in moving into your first own apartment or settling down in the one you consider to be your forever home. It's in a new love or in falling in love with the same person over and over again. It's in shielding your eyes from bright sunlight, in dancing snowflakes, in the first sip of freshly brewed coffee every single morning. It's in the little things and in the great challenges. It's in new discoveries and beloved old habits. It's in friends and family, it's in laughing, it's in every single day and every breath you take. It's in the fact that our brains are wired in a complexity we can hardly understand. It's in the fact that music makes the brightest day even brighter and gloomy weather beautifully melancholic. It's in the fact that we are able to dance. It's in every single day. Take our daily walk for example. It's the exact same round, day in and out. The only change is between going clockwise or counter-clockwise. Other than that you could say it's forever the same old, same old. Except it's not. The sky ALWAYS looks different. Sometimes it's low tide, sometimes high. Sometimes the ocean is completely smooth, sometimes the waves crash violently against the shore and massive tubes roll over the the sea.

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