Here you will find the best hiking & biking routes, outdoor tips, amazing places to camp and road trips from all over the country. Of course, we share some insider knowledge, as well.

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Renting a car in Iceland – Insurances needed, cost in general, overall tips

Photographed in Iceland A complete guide on renting a car in Iceland and staying safe in the land of fire and ice. We always suggest pre-booking when renting a car in Iceland and to do so two to four months in advance – especially when you plan on traveling Iceland during high season. The cheaper…

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The most comprehensive Iceland travel guide you can possibly find.

Photographed all over Welcome to the land of elves and trolls, fire and ice, moss and steam. Over the past four years, we got so SO many emails, direct messages, and comments with questions about traveling Iceland that we just couldn’t keep up with answering them, anymore. Even though we tried to provide as much…

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Fav’ Camping Gear

Favorite Camping Gear for a perfect stay in the wilderness Everything you need for a weekend spend in nature We LOVE camping, always have, always will. It all started in our parent’s backyards, and we’re now sleeping under the stars of Iceland. In this mini guide we want to share our favorite camping gear with…

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Iceland Packing List

Iceland Packing List summer/winter What to pack for your holiday in Iceland To make packing utmost easy for you we created this free mini guide – including downloadable packing lists – which gives you an overview over what to bring, what to keep in mind and which clothes we absolutely recommend. To go a bit…

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Gift Ideas ‘Outdoor’

Gift Guide For Outdoor Lovers Gift ideas for all those who love the great outdoors No matter if it is Christmas, someone’s birthday or whatever the occasion – making your loved ones a present is so much fun, don’t you think? We absolutely love finding awesome gifts that will make somebody happy, which is why…

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Hot pots and hot springs of Iceland – must sees and no gos

Photographed all over There is nothing more soothing for body and soul than a warm bath surrounded by wilderness. A hot bath is the Icelanders best friend. We would definitely dare to claim so. More than 600 bathing spots are marked on the map of Iceland by now and around 200 of those are natural hot…

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The ultimate veggie/vegan food & restaurant guide to Reykjavik (and Iceland)

Photographed all over Iceland The best breakfast, lunch, cake ‘n dinner spots for vegetarians & vegans (and everyone else) Food & restaurant guide to Reykjavik (and Iceland in general) There are so many restaurants in downtown Reykjavik, with new places poppin’ up almost weekly, that you can easily lose track of where to go and what…

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Reykjanes peninsula Itinerary – the ultimate day trip (winter edition)

Welcome to Reykjanes peninsula – one of the most underrated parts of Iceland. Today we want to equip you with the perfect Reykjanes day trip itinerary for the darker half of the year. What to keep in mind, what to see, where to eat and where to stop.

Aurora Cover

Aurora Borealis – an extensive Northern Lights guide

  Photographed in Iceland A complete Northern Lights guide on how to actually chase legendary Aurora. It’s true, not much compares to the beauty of those green (sometimes even red, white or blue) dancing lights in a starlit arctic night sky. Seeing them for the first time leaves you in complete awe. Intense Northern Lights…

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