‚Into the Wild‘. Two and a half years ago we left Germany behind to start a brand new life. A life filled with outdoor adventures and long nights spent in front of the fireplace. Of watching Northern Lights, reading good books and writing some ourselves, of laughing, dreaming of summer, walking along the shore, eating tons of ice cream and being creative. Iceland is our home by heart, our safe haven where we - bit by bit - work on fulfilling some of our greatest dreams. Euphoria has been a faithful companion for as long as we can remember. Accompanied by wanderlust, restlessness and a great sense of adventure it enriches our everyday life and grants us the craziest incidences and coincidences. All those stories, emotions and wonderful moments we share with whoever wants to read about them and be inspired by them (hopefully, at least). We aim for our readers to always leave 'Dear Heima' with a smile.

We choose our cooperations carefully. If a label / brand / product fits us, our page, our readers and our values perfectly then we are more than happy to write a creative concept for a possible collaboration. For more informations like reach, target audience, social media channels and pricing please request our media kit. If you are interested in working with us you can reach us almost 24/7 via