What happened so far ...

this is my story

this is my story

"You don't just have a story - you're a story in the making, and you never know what the next chapter's going to be. That's what makes it exciting."

Dan Millman

"You don't just have a story - you're a story in the making, and you never know what the next chapter's going to be. That's what makes it exciting."

Dan Millman

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Hi, I am Linda.

Previously living in Hannover, Münster, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg, and Cologne (all big Germany cities). Previously running a fashion- and lifestyle blog called ’Like A Riot'. Previously in search of honest happiness, infinite freedom, myself and a home that was supposed to be more than just four walls.

I found my best friend Caro in the first year of secondary school. I've always been a restless soul and when I met her, I all of a sudden had someone to be restless with, someone to spend hours of plotting the future with - while everyone around us just rolled their eyes. It only took a few months and we were so close that everyone in school thought our friendship was odd, especially since we preferred spending our free time painting and writing poems over drinking and hitting the clubs. Obviously, we became a ‘lone pack’. It didn’t bother us, at all. Apart from the restlessness, daydreams, and crazy ideas, we shared something else - an infinitive love for the great outdoors. We went to climbing camps, hiked the mountains of Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol, slept outside in our parent's backyards just to see the stars and rode our bikes to our fav’ lake every single afternoon during summer break. We lived life outside. We loved nature. We tried new hobbies every other month and couldn’t wait to finally be old enough to start traveling the world. Our biggest goal? Moving abroad one day.

After school, we both moved out of town, I began my the apprenticeship as an event manager and started a new hobby - the previously mentioned ’Like A Riot' blog - to share the pictures I took while traveling with my then boyfriend. In 2012 Caro and I both finished our educations, my relationship ended and us girls moved in together, started blogging together, full time and self-employed (we always wanted to be independent job-wise and work in the creative field, anyway) and thought we would be in a pretty good spot. We needed an outlet for all the things going on in our heads and a blog seemed to be the perfect platform, so we rented an apartment downtown Cologne and concentrated on nothing but that new project of ours.

What started as a great adventure more and more became a burden. Let’s not get into details but the passion for writing decreased constantly and even though the blog paid the rent it felt nothing but wrong to run it. Loners by heart we didn’t fit into that huge fashion crowd we were a part of. We felt as misplaced as we did back in school. We switched from fashion to lifestyle but it didn’t change the fact that something was just off. This wasn’t us. It didn’t make sense. Yet, we just couldn’t give up ‘cause we thought that would mean burying our dream of independence. So instead of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, we tried new topics, new tactics, new channels and had countless 'fresh new starts' - without even knowing if we could financially survive as bloggers in the long run. We still didn't doubt our choice for one second, 'though the future was nothing but uncertain and we were more and more torn. We continuously increased our workload to get better, be more professional, work on more projects and our friendship started to be afflicted by it. We overthought, discussed, tried to change something but every single time it just got worse.

We were spiraling.

Struggling between what felt right and what paid the bills we got sucked into piling up clothes we never wore, make-up we never put on and lifestyle products we never used. We felt incredibly uncomfortable doing so. And something else changed. Living in a big city like Cologne, we never got out into the woods, anymore. No camping, no hiking, no starry night skies. The Great Outdoors were out of reach. We felt drained. We lost track of what actually made us happy. We didn't have a hobby anymore, just the job and it took all our time and all our dedication.

It wasn’t all bad of course! In 2013 we were invited to Iceland on a press trip. A press trip that should change our lives. Here is how:

In 2012 in went to Iceland for the first time. I fell in love so badly that I cried when I had to take the plane back home. I couldn’t stop thinking about my one week up north and more and more just wanted to pack my stuff and leave. Never had I thought that this would actually become reality, though. When we were invited to the said trip, I was OVERJOYED. Not just was I going back to that magical place up north - I also got to go with my best friend, soulmate, other half. It didn’t take long for Caro to feel what I felt. We stood on the top of a glacier, blazing sunlight reflected by perpetual ice and we said to each other: this is it! This is where we are gonna grow old!

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In 2015, we took our vow a step further.

We spent a whole summer in Iceland. 2014, a night of wine and talk and we drowned in Iceland nostalgia. In a split-second, we decided to give it a try, for one summer at least. We moved back to our hometown Hannover and into our childhood bedrooms - to save some serious money. We worked even harder to bring up the amount needed to go to one of the most expensive countries in the world for three months. It took us a year to gather the amount needed and A LOT of research and planning. But once the decision was made there was no going back. So we booked our flights and home away from home and jumped in the deep end.

Sitting on the plane to Keflavík in May '15 we had no clue how much this idea - formed on a warm summer day in our shared apartment in Cologne - would turn both our lives upside down. We landed, drove through those magical landscapes and felt this overwhelming 'this is it' feeling, again. It was as if this would be exactly where we had to be, where we were supposed to be, even. We arrived at the converted garage which we were about to call home for the next 96 days. It was tiny, sordid and smelly - and yet, we absolutely loved it. We settled in and enjoyed every single minute of cleaning, rearranging and organizing our stuff. The long walks along the shore. The grocery shopping. The fresh air.

One week later we hit the bars. In one of them, Caro met Logi. (Imagine they would have known they would get married two years later, twentieth of September 2017). The three of us explored Logi's incredible home country in his old blue Chevrolet during summer 2015. We gazed at waterfalls, danced in the wind and bathed in hot rivers. More and more, we fell in deep deep love with the land of fire and ice. The last week of our stay I met Einar. (We got married twelfth of October 2017.)

When we sat on the plane back to Germany by the end of summer we were filled to the brink with happy memories but our hearts got ripped apart with every additional mile between us and Iceland. Back home, everything felt kinda surreal. After a few days, we were completely drained and it seemed like all our happiness got lost somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. One week later we booked our return trip to the secluded island in the Far North. Then another one in November,

this time without a return ticket

End of 2015 we were certain - we wanted to, we needed to stay in Iceland - it was where we completely and utterly felt at home. The four of us moved into our first shared apartment in January 2016, in August the same year, our cat Pommes moved in (and guess what - it was located on the exact same street I stayed on during my first time in Iceland). That winter, we danced under the Northern Lights, celebrated Christmas miles and miles away from our families, we spent NYE drinking Cider in a hot pot somewhere in the middle of nowhere. In January 2017 we all got engaged, in July the four of us moved into a house next to the ocean and adopted our second cat Mausi from the shelter. We were happy. We were content.

Iceland changed us, in so many ways. We were no longer in search of a place to call home, we WERE home. We didn't go through life as stressed as we used to, we adapted the relaxed lifestyle of the Icelanders, instead. When we were roaming around in the wild and breathtaking nature we felt our hearts beat for this amazing country. End of 2017 we finally realised what was missing to complete and utter happiness. The blog as it was, the fashion and lifestyle page “Like A Riot” was nothing more than dragging us down and for the first time in all those years, we admitted it to ourselves. This wasn’t us, this wasn't what we were passionate about. So we let go - one moment to the other. We decided to start a whole new chapter. We founded ‘Dear Heima’ (Heima is the Icelandic word for home). We now had all the possibilities to hike and bike and camp, again. And we took them. We got rid of what weighed us down, donated most of the old ‘fashion blogger’ clothes. Got a brand new design. And created a virtual home for all the things we are truly passionate about.

But life being life it didn’t really work out for us. After three years of flying back and forth between two countries, it was about time to fully immigrate. With relocating came closing down the little company we were running in Germany (the blog was not just a blog, anymore, we also had a tiny shop attached to it where we sold self-designed enamel camping mugs and an Iceland travel guide we had written.) Due to tax reasons and relocation just being too complicated in cost intense we stopped blogging and had to completely refocus. I personally have never felt so purposeless, ever before.

Summer 2018 had passed and Caro realized that blogging and Social Media wasn't for her, anymore. After five years of blogging and a year of going back and forth between keeping it up and finally letting go, she decided to do the latter, for good. Her love for nature led her to pursue gardening. She started biking and taking Icelandic classes. And I? Had no clue what to do with me. I missed writing articles so much my heart ached. The stress of not knowing what to do with my future led to even more massive stomach pain than ever before and I knew I finally had to do something about it. So I started digging into nutrition. And got hooked, immediately. I was obsessed, read book after book, researched, listened to podcasts, worked my way through scientific research and then finally decided that this was what I wanted: to study it. Like really learn as much as I can about the topic. At the same time, I quit eating sugar, stopped eating meat and dairy, started taking probiotics, got into running and finally developed an interest in cooking. It only took a few weeks and my stomach got better. My skin cleared up, wrinkles disappeared. My mind was blown.

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I signed up for a vegan nutrition school and decided to go through the 15 months program in five. Three chapters a month, quite the heavy load of studying. I loved it, I still do. And even though I kept busy with the school program, my Instagram, month meal planning and even came up with a few big ideas that in the end weren’t just meant to be - I couldn’t ignore the fact how much I missed ‘Dear Heima’. Writing articles, taking pictures, editing them, Social Media, just all of it.

So by the end of 2018, I gave in and decided to be brave and re-open the blog all by myself. Fill it with all the things I am truly passionate about: Iceland, living abroad, nature, hiking, cooking colorful, real food, personal development and self-growth, the environment and so much more. So here we are - another fresh new start. I am now writing the next part of the story. I have no clue what to expect but if there is one thing I have learned then it’s to

Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

This website is written from my heart. It’s filled with what I truly love. It's an ode to my home and to life.

Dear Heima ...

PS: Caro and I still dream big dreams together - like writing a book and opening up a little guesthouse.

Judged by our past and story I am quite certain that we will turn it into reality, someday

Dear Heima

Dear Heima